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Welcome to our Forsale page.

We offer a wide selection of animals with a variety of styles and mounts. We have provided a picture with the descriptions of works available.

$250.00 Medium Russain Wild Boar Mount
$275.00 Large Russain Wild Boar Mount
$35.00 Deer Foot Pencil Holder
$35.00 Deer Foot Ashtray
$350.00 Spanish Goat Shoulder Mount
$140.00 Golden Pheasant Flying
$125.00 Golden Pheasant Standing
$175.00 Ringtail Cat Walking
$125.00 Armadillo Walking
$150.00 Tri-dillosaurus Walking
$325.00 Coyote Howling while Sitting
$400.00 Coyote with Squirrel
$100.00 Chicken in a Basket (State bread desired)
$100.00 Blue Crab on Base
$125.00 Rooster on Fence Post

If you have a special request, just e-mail us anytime, and we will call or e-mail you with the details.

We are experienced in all aspects of taxidermy and are fully licensed by Federal and State authorities.

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